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How I Study My Bible
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In this short and practical book, William Evans sought to provide a simple collection of helps for the man or woman who wishes to further their understanding of God's Word. Evans begins the volume by outlining certain prerequisites the reader or student of the Bible must ascertain; among them being the recognition of the unique nature of the Bible; an understanding that revelation of God comes from God; and, the benefits of human aids to study. Evans develops a large portion of the text by expounding on certain principles of basic interpretation including the nature of the Bible, the submissive posture a reader or student of the Word must commit to take, the demands of study required of those who would seek greater understanding, and the importance of context, parallel passages, word studies and figurative versus literal language in the Word of God. Evans takes a short look at reading the Bible as a whole, defining the Old and New Testaments, paying attention to the Great Chapters of the Bible, and studying the Bible via Biographical sketches. Finally, Evans devotes two chapters of the book to practical ways to study the Bible book by book and through the Prophetic revelations contained in the Word. Evans' suggestions, insights, and wisdom will prove to help the novice student as well as the scholar spend their time in the Word well.

About the Author

William Evans, Ph.D., D.D. (1870-1950) is best remembered as a noted American Bible teacher. Evans wrote over forty volumes on biblical interpretation and spent several years directing Bible conferences throughout Canada and the United States. Prior to being appointed the director of the Department of Bible at Moody Bible Institute, Evans was the pastor of various churches. In 1913 Evans also served as the associate dean of the Bible Institute in Los Angeles, California.