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New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis
All 5 Volumes
By: Willem A. VanGermeren
Publisher: Zondervan

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  • Named as the Master's Seminary's 850 Best Books for Biblical Expositors

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Only one hermeneutical text published prior to the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis can be held up reasonably to its measure of quality and the exhaustive nature of the research that produced this immense work.

This 5 volume addition to that acclaimed work, though intimidating in the achievement it embodies, is intended for serious Old Testament and exegetical study by men and women of all walks of life -- both academics and pastors, students and laypersons.

Volume one contains a Guide to Old Testament Theology and Exegesis in which ten essays have been compiled to thoroughly explain proper hermeneutics and interpretation, as well as guidelines for using this source material.

Volumes one through four contain the Lexicon of the Old Testament, all words found in the text ordered by Hebrew alphabetization for easy reference, and coupled with a Goodrick/Kohlenberger cross-referencing number to be used in conjunction with Strong's numbering system. The relationship of each word in different contexts and languages is also explained, including alternative words, and the particulars of their semantic domain. All this information is, of course, complete with bibliography.

Volume four also begins the Topical Dictionary. Therein can be found articles on the theology of each Old Testament book individually, as well as discussion of biblical concepts, people, places, events, and literary pieces, all information that is cross-referenced to the preceding Hebraic Lexicon.

Finally, volume five contains a series of indexes: Hebrew Index, Scripture Index, Subject Index, and an index of Semantic Fields. Taken as a whole, the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and amp; Exegesis is an unparalleled accomplishment in the field of biblical hermeneutics.

About the Editor

Willem VanGemeren (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is professor of Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of a number of books, including Interpreting the Prophetic Word (Zondervan) and a commentary on Psalms in the Expositor's Bible Commentary series (Zondervan).


Making the Scriptures plain is the aim of every biblical interpreter, but the Old Testament baffles many. The NIDOTTE is a major key to sound understanding of the Old Testament, its ideas that continue into the New, and its relevance for life today. Extensive cross-references and indexing direct the inquire to every aspect of the word or theme, and the entries have up-to-date bibliographies for further study. Sample articles carefully draw meaning from the text, not read modern ideas into it, while interacting with influential and current theories. Introductory essays helpfully survey basic methods of approach to the Old Testament as a whole, guiding the user through them. When dictionaries and encyclopedias are multiplying, NIDOTTE looks set to become the standard work in this field for all who respect the Bible.
A.R. Millard, MA, MPhil, FSA, Rankin Professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, The University of Liverpool
Finally the comprehensive, quality theological dictionary of the Old Testament I've been waiting for! Nothing else matches its sweeping scope and superior scholarship. Destined to become a standard reference work for all serious Bible students, pastors, and scholars. No rigorous theological exegesis can ignore it. A magnificent achievement!
Robert L. Hubbard Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Literature, North Park, Theological Seminary
The NIDOTTE will take its place alongside NIDNTT and TDOT as an excellent tool for pastors, scholars, and serious students of the Bible, because it is the result of the collaboration of leading evangelical scholars, but lucidly written for the benefit of the nonprofessional. This is a must for school, church, and personal libraries.
James K. Hoffmeier, Ph.D., Chair of Biblical, Theological, Religious and Archaeological Studies Department, Wheaton College
...a singular achievement in the field of Old Testament studies.
Robert H. O'Connell, Th.D., Ph.D